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Natural Ingredients

Grandma’s Honey Drops are made with simple and natural ingredients that you would find in your own grandmother’s kitchen.

Helping the Bees

What’s your good deed for today? Invest your pocket money in a bag of Grandma’s Honey Drops and 5% of the profits will be donated to Bee City!

Made with Real Honey

The first ingredient in Grandma’s Honey Drops is authentic pure honey. Just like your grandma, we believe in real, good, and old fashion ingredients.

Grandma’s Bee Community

Grandma’s works closely with Canadian beekeepers so that each honey drop supports local honey production.

Made in Canada

Grandma’s Honey Drops are proudly made in Canada. Each drop is made so you can take a moment, breath and remember a simpler time.

A Flavour for Everyone

With flavours like butterscotch, mint, eucalyptus and lemon, everyone can enjoy Grandma’s Honey Drops. Grandma’s only uses the best ingredients to give you a taste of comfort and home.

``There are always flowers for those who want to see them.``

- Henry Matisse

Save the Bees

Grandma’s is proud to partner with Bee City and other bee-saving initiatives to inspire and engage communities to take action and protect the pollinators. Grandma’s will also be donating 5% of the profit from each bag of Grandma’s Honey Drops to Bee City.

Fundraise for Your Own Cause with Grandma’s

Grandma’s wants to help you with your next fundraiser! Start a campaign for the bees or a cause of your choice, because a good deed is a good deed. Grandma’s Honey Drops can be used as a healthy alternative to replace traditional fundraising chocolate or cookie products.


Every purchase of Honey Drops helps sponsor Bee City

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